In PHOTOGRAPHY you will tend to know more about NATURE and everything around us. You come to realize that everything has it's beauty beyond imagination, this is about Creation because all the things that we see and photographs has it's own beginning. So, I would like to share with you this blog that might interest you "what really is Creation?". According to the living prophet of our time (BEAM). He said that Creation is the entire universe, the Universal Consciousness, the largest force and energy humans can ever imagine. And Creation is also the entire energy and consciousness of every life form in existence, bar none. In Its most archetypal form, Creation is the purest spirit energy, although It can display countless other forms of energy in Its external manifestations, which range from the finest to the coarsest matter. As Creation, this all-encompassing energy embodies every level and sphere - including the BEING of the spirit as well as the material existence. As a universe, Creation remains the highest energy form and the highest active consciousness capable of evolution - Its flawless laws and directives have unequivocal validity at every level of existence and spirit form throughout the entire universe. Creation is the mightiest power and energy of this universal-Creational existence, and It has no human equivalent. More than everything, It has not even the most infinitesimal shred of an iota in common with the "man-made" Creator-God who disappears into an abyss of limitless absurdity when compared with Creation, Its strength, and Its mastery.

Creation plays a very significant role in human evolution and that of all other life, for every life form carries within it a minute piece of Creation, which provides life to all life. Without this minute particle of Creational spirit not one single life form would exist, for this Creational spirit is the actual, fundamental life-energy. This life energy, in turn, however is dependent upon the comprehensive totality of Creation Itself, which disburses a fine energy form known as cosmic life energy throughout the entire universe. The minute particles of Creational spirit absorb and are given life by this cosmic life energy. One could almost say that this cosmic life energy acts as Creational sustenance on which all particles of Creational spirit subsist. To this end, every life form is dependent upon Creation. And yet, It provides no mandate on how humans, for instance, should shape, lead or live their lives. Through Its laws and directives, Creation merely establishes Its goal of evolution and Its related proviso. Indeed, the goal is that humans greatly evolve and develop themselves - spiritually as well as consciously - to their highest level of perfection, relatively speaking. In so doing, they may join Creation in the future and become one with It; and therefore they help Creation to evolve as well. While Creation does not dispense conditions to any life form, and every entity is free to live and do as it pleases, there are laws, directives, and guidelines provided which state, that according to the law of causation, certain lifestyles will result in certain consequences. This law demonstrates that every action results in a specific reaction. It is, therefore, a Creational-natural fact that every life form can live as it wishes, that it can make its own decisions and that it can adapt itself, one way or the other, into the laws and directives. Depending on the type of life a particular life form leads, makes for itself, and lives, the result is very specifically consequential and this life form, especially the human one, is responsible in every way for its actions. The Creational-natural laws and directives are based upon the positive and negative factors, and for this reason is everything within the entire universe subject to these parameters. And since Creation Itself, known also as nature, does not dispense any type of conditions as to how a way of life should be fashioned, led and lived, the individual life form, hence all human beings, must therefore fully accept their own, full responsibility for their actions. Every human, therefore, makes his or her own decision whether he or she wants to live according to the Creational-natural laws and directives to the extent that they bring him or her benefit and advancement, or whether he or she wants to transgress against the laws and suffer the detrimental consequences. This also means that Creation bears no responsibility whatsoever for any human action; humans alone are responsible for each and everything they do, regardless of what they think, feel, concoct, do and undertake. Fascinating right? hope you like it!