Where I am now ...

It’s been a while since I made a blog about myself and my family. Sometimes I can’t help expressing what I feel on something that I thought I have to write, in order to convey my message to all of you, so bare with me again. It’s almost 5 years now since my last blog about my life in my old website. For all the people who knows me and read my life story online, this is now the latest happenings with regards to my personal life after all the hardships, struggles, tests and all the sufferings that I have within 5 years that have passed which includes my last surgery back in Nov 2018 which is so scary and life threatening. Now I’m still here and writing about my experiences and how I overcome all those bad moments in life. I’ve learned a lot which makes me a better person today. I still remember that during those times, I feel so alone and have so much depression, it feels like it’s the end of the world, that’s why I wrote something and anything to divert my whole energy to it. So, thanks to these bad experiences, it made me realized a lot of things. I am now very happy, as you all know I’m still a single father of my 9 kids. My kids are growing now, my eldest is 24 and the youngest is 9 (6 girls and 3 boys). Anyway, we are all perfectly fine now, since I don’t need to baby sit them anymore because they are growing very fast and we are all in the same pace and works hand in hand in the family. We are more closer together now more than ever, since my ex-wife abandoned us.

The biggest influence of my life during those years is when I learned Photography. Photography makes my life fruitful and worth living for. Also, I came across to the truth about Creation and the Truth of everything, thanks to Billy Meier’s story. That's why i thought this might help you ponder about it, because most of you are God believers and I have no problem about it because I used to be one since birth. I only want to share my own experiences and insights about it. It's just my own personal opinion and it's up to you if you take it or ignore it but for me it changed my life forever. I would say this is the greatest discoveries that I have in my entire life. He is the guardian of the treasures and I found him in the days that I was lost and looking for answers. I’m not his followers but his teaching give me a good insights and a reason to live, not being afraid to face all the problems in life. Thanks to his untiring work of truth, his books, his works and his love for mankind. We are so lucky that in our time the last prophet was born in our midst. If we see and read the Talmud of Jmmanuel, this is 151 pages of the life of a simple man who walk on earth 2,000 years ago and was falsely named as Jesus Christ and as a redeemer of mankind or a son of the highest. His real name is Jmmanuel the prophet before Mohammed and from the spirit form of Henock since early times, he was a teacher and a truth bringer who preaches the spiritual teaching but unfortunately his teaching was being distorted and falsified and he was being praised and venerated and called as god the son who is higher than Creation. He teaches the origin of all origin the Creation not the other way around that we learned from the bible. All these books are being falsified but eventually the truth will prevail in our time. In his life he prophesied that after him in 2,000 years his teaching (the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit and the teaching of the life or Creation) will not be falsified anymore and his spirit form will reincarnate and be on this man name Billy Meier from Switzerland. His teaching influences me a lot. I am a devoted christian for so long and my parents raised me with this wrong belief. I thought that the truth is about god but then something are not making sense. I never thought that I would stumble to this truth, I put a lot of time and effort to justify these truth.

And now there’s no turning back. I am now in the right direction and I focus myself to this direction that Billy reveals on the entire humanity because I know from the bottom of my heart and my spirit that lives in me that this is the truth, the Spiritual Teaching, the teaching of the truth, the teaching of life, the teaching of the spirit. The immeasurable knowledge, a universal wisdom for all Universe not only on Earth. I am so grateful to discover this. I don’t even know how to express my inner feelings, a feeling of comfort, a feeling of happiness, a feeling of assurance and without fear. I want to expand more about this knowledge and I want to impart this knowledge to people, because now a days people are being rub of their life, their money and time because of these false beliefs that almost 8 billion of people on earth believe in. If they only see and use logic for this truth their eyes will be opened but the product of old belief is so strong that no one seems to listen and hear, I myself tried everything to spread the truth using social-media postings but then no one seems to listen. They accused me of anti-christ or crazy believer, if they only tried to contemplate what I am writing, they will come to realize that this is the real truth, the truth that will set them free from the bondage of false beliefs about god.

The real truth is that Creation is the source of everything, no one is above it, nor god or anything, and we are destined to be one with creation. It’s nice to know this fact, something that our present religion doesn’t know. The teaching of the Spirit is beyond compare, it will teach you how to be responsible for yourself, you are the master of your own life. It didn’t teach you about Faith and Hope just like the Religion does. You will learn how to love yourself, respect yourself, and respect others. It will take away your fears and be strong. It will teach you about universal love, live in peace and harmony. It will guide you the way to the spiritual evolution. Every single questions that bothers you will have an answer. Although aligning in this truth needs a thorough examination using logic but as you go on everything is making sense to you and that’s what is happening to me and my life. Just like a questions of the Big Bang and a question of your purpose in this life, or is there heaven and hell. Those were the only few questions that we have in mind that can not be answered truthfully by the Bible that we know. All the sufferings in this world, why this is happening and where is God?. When I first stumble on this truth "Spritual Teaching" - by Billy Meier, my eyes opened, just like the heaven is opened. I was freed from the bondage of wrong belief and now I’ve never been happier in my life even though I don’t have much in my life, but contentment is the key of life, the love of nature and creation. We are just passing by in this life and all materials things are temporary and not important. This is the reason why there are lots of sufferings in this world because people are on material things. We can see but we are blind of the reality of everything, there are things in this world that we have to look at. There are realms that needs to fathom. One example is the spiritual energy that makes everything move, from flora and fauna from the biggest to a very tiniest particles of atoms and the unseen energy in the Universe that is hidden. Everything is a big design, we are just a pigment of imagination, on how these whole things came about. These are the things that we don’t see and understand but it is real. We only understand what we see in our eyes and others senses but the truth of the matter is that there are billion and billions of reality that we have to discover and that’s amazing to me. From the day that I’ve learned this truth, my life become so excited every single day, I don’t stop learning and reading and searching, most of my time is focus towards this truth and geared in this endeavor. I meticulously documented everything and write it down in my own personal family website here, thinking that someday all my kids and my friends are benefited for this greatest find of truth. I’ve learned to appreciate life for all things and all this majestic works of creation.

My life is more easier now, free from anxieties, peaceful in spirits, a true happiness inside that can never explain, never been better, I'm now financially stable, debt free, I also have a permanent job and started making a savings and invest some of my money for the future of my kids. Nobody helps me except myself, being responsible and learn to accepts every instances that comes whether good or bad. I don’t need to ask to imaginary god or anybody else who is higher than me, these false beliefs makes my life miserable and makes my spirit stagnant or spiritually poor. I am worry free even though I still have some issues of my marriage about my separations and divorce. But I am not interested anymore about this things, it’s not worthy of giving time and effort, I’ll let the cause and effect due it’s course, these are the things that I’ve learned in Spiritual teaching. Worrying makes our life miserable. I’ve learned that life is a balance, there’s good and bad and you should try to accept the bad things and learned from it because this is part of our existence. It’s like positive and negative without these two poles, nothing will work if it’s only positive. So, I’ve learned how to accept and deal it this negative things in life. If you did good you will reap good, if you did bad then you know what you reap. It’s the law of cause and effect. You too can do this if you only give way to the truth and use your logic for everything in this world. We can’t live a life of freedom, peace and love if we believe in a fantasy and delusions. Our old beliefs makes us slaves, they taught us how to believe in something that is not real, they taught us in fantasy and delusions of god in order that we will be controlled by this sect and religion. But the teaching of Creation is different, it teaches you how to be responsible for yourself, you are the master of your own destiny, we can’t be saved by religions dogma’s and false teaching. Our salvation comes from within, within ourselves alone. There’s no heaven or hell in the true teaching of the prophets. Heaven and Hell is the product of delusional religion. We are destined to evolve and we always reincarnate from one personality to millions and millions of personalities which of course depending upon how we live our life’s because these affects our future life’s as well. Like for example, if you are going to a kindergarten on sixth grade, if you passed that level then goes grade one then grade two and so on and so forth up to Universities until such time that you are done. But if we don’t passed those stages then you will come back on the same level where you left off or go backwards, which means that we didn’t progress. So to be able to passed thru all those stages you need to study hard, do good and passed the exams right?. One time when I was new to these knowledge I ask a questions to "FIGU" saying that, what about those people who’ve done a lot of bad things of these world like Hitler and the like. If there’s no heaven or hell where did they go? Are they going to be punished? Because the religion teaches us that we are going to hell if we are such a person and if you are a true believer of god then you will go to heaven. But this things has no proof, all the proof since time immemorial are all fantasy and hoaxes. This is not making sense at all if you use our logic for it. But this is not the way in spiritual teaching and this is not the truth, because Creation is not vindictive.

So going back to the question of Hitler, in the teaching of the spirit, says that we are bound to reincarnate from millions and millions of personalities. The metaphor about the kindergarten up to universities applies. In the case of Hitler, his next life will affect his spirit, it’s like he will never progress and he will be penalized to be a beggar up to last hardest personality in his next life as a way of making amend of his mistakes on his previous life. So friends, that’s the explanations of heaven and hell and there’s no such thing that we only live once and goes to somewhere heaven or hell. To go further more about it I would suggest that you have to read and examine the life of this simple man from Switzerland his name is Billy Edward Meier (BEAM). He changed my life forever and I don’t regret if people are angry with me including my relatives and my love ones because for me this is the truth and the truth is too much to ignore. There’s nothing to lose if you give time to study his life and works. He opened my eyes for this truth, and I believe him and of what he is revealing to all of us human being. His teaching is universal, all his knowledge and power are being followed not only for people on Earth but also from all human being from all sort in the entire universes which is so amazing. Before, I used to hate my life, but right now I would say that I am so blessed with Creations and I am very thankful for my life. By understanding what is life supposed to be, is good enough for me and nothing else. My life right now is just a stepping stones towards my spiritual evolution and I am very excited to my next life ahead of me. Wisdom and knowledge is power and I want to learn it whatever it takes and that’s my goal in this life and the next. And for me it’s worth living for. One of the best book that I have also read is "The Goblet of Truth", this is the book of the various prophets from Henok up to the present time prophets. I suggest you take a look of this one, it has 679 pages of truth and eye opener book and you can’t just ignore the truth if you finish reading it. I meticulously examined and contemplate what’s in it, every content, every single word and and paragraph that tells everything about life since time immemorial. This books has an English version from German language which was being relayed down from previous prophets up to the present time. And it’s worth reading for, it will blow your mind away on the secrets of everything and I am highly recommending this to you all of you. If you are interested in examining this, here's the link on my other website ("https://allanwq.wordpress.com/spiritual-reference/")

I want to share with you this lovely picture below (me and my kids when they were toddlers - my youngest was not born yet, the number 9). It's very reminiscing! during those times, we only play and bond everyday, a simple life and now it's totally different they were all grown ups. I have no regrets having them in my life. They're my purpose in life and hope that when I'm gone in this world their life will be lived to the fullest. I am very proud for myself that I did a good job to raised them and made them a better person and as a single father that's very fulfilling and as a true human being.

Again Salome – it means live in peace and harmony.

Allan Quitalig – Oct 8, 2019